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At the risk of stating the obvious, separation occurs upon the realisation by a spouse that the relationship or marriage has irretrievably broken down. We appreciate that the law surrounding family relationships, family breakdowns and divorce is likely to be new to most people. At KJB Law we can provide comprehensive advice to you in relation to all matters that need to be addressed in light of a pending or actual separation. Separation usually triggers the need to address and resolve:
  • The division of property and liabilities;
  • The care and living arrangements for any children of the relationship;
  • Getting a Divorce;
  • Applying for and obtaining child support payments for any children of the relationship;
  • Amending your Will.
Quite understandably many people who are faced with these issues simply do not know where or how to begin addressing or resolving them. To help you navigate these difficult times KJB Law offers new family law clients a free half-hour consultation with one of our specialist Canberra family lawyers to discuss your situation, and the options available to begin addressing and resolving all issues arising from the breakdown in your relationship or marriage. This conference can be in person or over the phone, whichever is most convenient for you, is obligation free and of course completely confidential. By the end of the initial conference you will have gained a much clearer understanding of any specific or immediate issues that need to be addressed, options available to progress your matter towards a final outcome and a sense of what any final outcome is likely to be.

Care and Living Arrangements for Children

For separating couples with children the ongoing care and living arrangements for the children is a sensitive, emotional issue though invariably needs to be addressed. If you have reached an agreement in relation to whom the children will live with and how much time the children will otherwise spend with the other parent, then this can be managed informally or can be formalised by way of a Parenting Plan or Family Court Consent Orders. We have a wealth of experience in formalising parenting arrangements by way of Parenting Plans or Family Court Consent Orders and will advise which of these processes should be preferred or adopted in your particular circumstances and why.

Unfortunately, not all separating parents are able to easily reach an agreement in relation to the care and living arrangements for their children. We at KJB Law attempt to shield you from the emotion and stress of parenting issues as far as possible by continuing negotiations on your behalf or, if absolutely necessary, commencing Family Law proceedings and representing you and your children’s interests throughout the litigation process. Due to our extensive experience in Family Law litigation and appearance work before the four Canberra based Family Law Judges we are able to provide you with a reasonably accurate indication of how your particular case will “unfold”, the likely procedural processes that a particular Judge may favour during the litigation process and, finally, the range of probable outcomes having taken into account all of the personal and other circumstances relevant to your case.

Property Division

Upon the irretrievable break down of a de-facto or matrimonial relationship the need to address the division of property and liabilities inevitably arises. Married or de-facto couples who separate and are able to reach an agreement as to how the property and liabilities are to be divided can(and should) formalise this agreement by entering into a Financial Agreement or applying for Family Court Consent Orders. We have extensive experience and expertise with regard to legally formalising property settlements by way of Financial Agreements or Family Court Consent Orders, including which of these methods or processes should be preferred in your particular circumstances and why.

 Where parties are simply unable to reach an agreement as to how the property and liabilities of the relationship are to be divided Family Law proceedings may be necessary to resolve the situation. Our Canberra family lawyers have extensive and specialised experience in relation to matrimonial and de-facto property litigation and it is our aim to ensure that you are both aware of and receive the proportion of property that you are fairly and reasonably entitled to.

Domestic Violence and Protection Orders

People who have been a victim of domestic violence (including harassing and offensive behaviour), and who fear that they will be subjected to further violence, can apply for a Domestic Violence Order. If the Respondent to a Domestic Violence Order breaches that Order they may be arrested. At KJB Law we can assist you by:
  • Representing you, either as an applicant or a respondent, in relation to a protection or an interim protection order;
  • Advising you as to the meaning and effect of a protection order that has been made;
  • Advising you of your options to resolve an application by agreement and negotiating on your behalf to reach such an agreement.

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