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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Over the last few years there have been several changes to the relevant legislation. Motor Vehicle accidents are now governed by the Road Transport (Third Party Insurance) Act 2008. This legislation governs all motor vehicle accidents in the Territory occurring after 1 October 2008.
At KJB Law we can assist you by:
  • Advising you as to entitlements if you are injured as the result of the fault of another owner or driver;
  • Explaining the strict time frames that are now operative. Please call us to obtain advice.

Worker's Compensation

The current Worker's Compensation Act has been operative since 1 July 2002. If you have been injured at work, regardless of whether this is as a result of the fault of an employer, there are entitlements available as a result of injuries sustained or during a period of incapacity. At KJB Law we can provide comprehensive advice to you in relation to your eligibility for, or liability to pay, these entitlements.

Acts on Public or Private Property

An occupier of property is required to take reasonable care to present foreseeable risks of injury to those people who may enter the land or premises. This applies for both private property, where the occupier may for example be an owner or tenant, and public property, where the occupier may for example be a local council. If you are injured, or someone is injured on your property, a fault based claim may be available. At KJB Law we can assist you in investigating whether such a claim is available, and represent you, either as an applicant or respondent, in such a claim at the level of mediation and litigation if necessary.

Compensation for Criminal Assault

The Victims of Crime (Financial Assistance) Act 1983 provides an avenue for assistance without the need to take direct legal action against an offender. Lump sums are generally restricted to extremely serious injuries or victims of sexual assault. Additionally, strict time limits apply so if you think you may be eligible to make such a claim or are unsure please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.

Debt Matters

Utilisation of statutory demands and the elaborate enforcement procedures contained within the Court Procedure Rules require specialised advice. Obtaining a Judgement and effectively employing enforcement options such as garnisheeing of wages, seizure of property and the sale of land are available. Winding up and bankruptcy proceedings may provide an avenue to recover debts owing. At KJB Law we can assist you in every step of this process.
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