General litigation

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A significant part of lawyer's job is to assist with the resolution of disputes. This can happen informally through correspondence, or more formally through mediation or Court based processes. Where possible resolution of disputes through an informal process and negotiation is preferable in that it is generally quicker, cheaper and more certain than relying on a Court determined outcome.

Appearance in All Courts

If you find yourself wishing to pursue an entitlement, or defend a claim against you, we are able to appear on your behalf in the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the ACT Magistrates Court, ACT Supreme Court, the Federal Court, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and in some situations interstate Courts.

Dispute Resolutions

Resolving a dispute before involving the Court system is preferable from both monetary and time perspectives. Based on your best interests, KJB Law will always attempt to negotiate and resolve any issue in the first instance so that Court action can be avoided.

Civil Matters

At KJB Law we have extensive and specialised experience in negotiation and litigation, and can assist with:
  • Consumers/traders claiming over sale, supply or hire of goods or services;
  • Residential tenancy disputes;
  • Debt collection;
  • Building disputes.

Commercial and Contract Dispute

Commercial contracts are the basis for doing business. The law covering the sale of goods, agency, negotiable instruments, insurance, partnerships and franchise licenses is based on the Law of Contract. However, in the event of non-performance or breach of those contractual obligations, legal advice and prompt action is crucial. As such please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.


The Fair Work regime which commenced on 1 July 2009 has changed the employment landscape yet again, and has an impact on just about everyone through:
  • Workers compensation;
  • Holiday, sick leave pay, long service leave;
  • Superannuation;
  • Contracts of employment.
As an employer you need to understand your obligations, while as an employee you need understand your entitlements. On the transfer of a business it is important to properly document the transitional arrangements for staff members. At KJB Law we can provide comprehensive advice to help you understand the current employment regime and ensure that you aren’t breaching your obligations or missing out on entitlements.

Police Matters

Sometimes you or a family member will face an allegation or a charge in a NSW or ACT Court, whether it be for:
  • Drink driving charges / Driving Under the Influence (DUI);
  • Traffic offences;
  • Restricted Licence applications;
  • Criminal charges;
  • Motor vehicle accident charges.
You may need advice as to how to deal with this, whether there is a defence to the charge and what outcome or penalty may follow. Sometimes a minor charge may have a significant impact on your driver’s licence. Knowing where you stand early in relation to these issues is critical to enable you to plan ahead. At KJB Law we can assist you in every step of this process.

Debt Recovery

Recovering outstanding debts can be a complicated process, and effectively utilising statutory demands and the elaborate enforcement procedures contained within the Court Procedure Rules requires specialised advice. Depending on the circumstances, obtaining a Judgement against a debtor, garnisheeing of wages, seizure of property and the sale of land are possible options. Additionally, winding up and bankruptcy proceedings may provide another avenue to recover debts owing. At KJB Law we will guide you through the debt recovery process, and can help you with:
  • Recovery of money for property damage;
  • Motor vehicle accidents;
  • Recovery of debts;
  • Loans and unpaid accounts;
  • Bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings.
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